co Is Content Curation The Future Of Marketing? |

One marketing concept that has caught on and become very popular in the last couple of years is the idea of content curation. There are several content curation platforms online that make this easy for the average small business owner to accomplish. You’ve likely heard of sites like and These are online curation platforms that you can join and start curating, but is it worth it?

I personally think that online content curation is somewhat overrated. Most curation platforms allow publishers the ability to select content published on a variety of websites for distilling into one product. That product – a “magazine”, if you will – is then tweeted, shared on Facebook, or distributed through RSS or other means. Many curation platforms allow publishers to include text-based content, videos, images, and social media content. But for many of them it involves an expense for the business owner to get the most useful features of the service.

I’m not saying that content curation doesn’t have its benefits. I don’t think it’s the future of marketing, but you could say that it is a pretty powerful present.

I believe online publishing is going to improve, and when it does content curation will either go by way of other Internet dinosaurs or evolve with the rest of the Web. Someday, you may see interactive magazines that do for online content what print magazines have done for traditional marketing for the past 50 years. Until then, online content curation is a useful marketing concept.