co Can You Cross-Promote Online? |

One thing retailers off line have grown mighty adept at is cross-promoting. You go to your favorite store and put a bit of merchandise on the counter and what does the sales clerk do? If she’s a smart sales clerk she’ll ask if you’ve tried the new wing-ding that nicely compliments this gadget you’re about to buy. If she’s real good, she’ll close you on that deal too.

Online retailers can get in on the cross-promotion game as well. Perhaps the best online retail store at cross-promotion is Amazon. Have you shopped there lately?

If you shop at Amazon you’ll notice that they use several techniques for cross-promoting their merchandise. One way they do it is to show you the last items you looked at on their website. You may not have logged in and shopped at Amazon for a week, but they’ll show you what you looked at last.

Another way Amazon cross-promotes is by showing you similar items to the one you are about to add to your shopping cart. On some items they’ll offer you a special price if you buy a like product. They do this on books and videos for sure. Buy two books by the same author and you get them at a discount. That’s good cross-promotion.

Online, how you cross-promote has a lot to do with your technology. It’s important technology, and it can make or break your business.