co The Coming Google Branding Craze |

I knew it would happen eventually. I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long. But Google has finally announced that Google+ custom URLs are on the way.

When these are finally rolled out, there will be a huge run on Google+ custom URLs. You’d better hurry to get yours fast.

There are thousands of John Smith’s in the world. But there will only be one Only one. And what a powerful custom URL that will be for the person who snags it. Instant branding, instant reputation management, instant enhanced SEO, and instant social network on steroids. If you’re not on Google+ yet, I’d suggest you secure your profile right now so you can be in line when Google+ announced custom URLs are available for everyone. You can bet the first people to get theirs will be Google+ members.

Google has already attacked content farms and link farms. They are forcing everyone who owns a website and does any Internet marketing toward a narrower content funnel, which means you have to use your content wisely. Owning your own Google+ custom URL will be one of those wise moves to make.

As Google moves toward unification of all of its services, it will be even more imperative to own your own custom URL. Be thinking about what that URL will be.