co Make Your Online Presence Complete |

You’ve created your website, you’ve started a blog, and now you’re on Facebook. Is that all there is?

I’ll congratulate you on a good start. But there is more to online marketing than simply building a website and sharing your blog posts on Facebook. Much more!

Keep in mind, however, there are no hard and fast rules. There is a lot of territory to explore with online marketing. What is right for one business might not be right for another, but you can enjoy a complete presence online if you work at it.

So what is a complete online presence?

Let’s start with your website. You have one, right? Does it have a blog? Consider this your online hub, your home base. Put together a content strategy for your home base. You want it to be targeted SEO content, but you also want it to be valuable information for your human audience.

Next, develop a social media presence. Think beyond Facebook. Where do your online prospects hang out? Build a few outposts in those social media sites where your ideal customers would be.

You might also consider building an e-mail list. E-mail marketing is one of the most rewarding online marketing strategies. Make your list pay.

You should engage in some kind of online advertising. Try pay-per-click marketing. And work toward a video marketing strategy and mobile marketing strategy. These are going to be very important for future online marketing.

Finally, you need some form of analytics. You need to measure what you are doing and what is working in all of your marketing channels.

Your complete online presence is your total online marketing strategy. Consider all the ways you have to reach your target audience and work out a strategy for each of those online marketing channels. That’s your complete online presence.