co Is Branding Or SEO More Valuable? |

When it comes to marketing your business, you have to give some serious thought to priorities. One question that you’ll have to answer early on is this: Is branding or SEO more valuable to your business?

As much as I believe that SEO is unavoidable, when it comes down to pure marketing value, branding is a lot more important. You can brand your business through SEO, but you can’t SEO your website with branding. And that’s an important distinction.

Many companies have gone online to build a website and start marketing only to consider how they will rank in the search engines, and nothing more. These days, many companies will think about SEO and social media, and that will be it. But you have to think about consumer perceptions as well. And that’s where branding comes in.

Branding is a total marketing perspective. It’s what you do to plant your company’s name and image into consumers’ minds. There are many ways of doing that, however.

You can do it with SEO. You can do it through social media. But I wouldn’t limit my branding efforts to just those two channels. You want all of your channels to drive home your message. But once you’ve branded your company and you’ve achieved a certain level of top-of-mind awareness, then your SEO and social media will be a lot more effective.