co The Lowdown On YouTube Video Optimization |

As many videos are viewed on YouTube every day – last count, 3 billion hours every month – you can’t ignore video optimization best practices. It isn’t enough to simply add your video to YouTube any more. You have to optimize it to give it the best chances for ranking in YouTube’s, and Google’s, search algorithms.

Here are 5 YouTube video optimization tactics you should consider before you upload your videos:

  1. Write a keyword-based title – Just as you’d write a keyword-based title for a web page, you need a keyword-based title for your videos on YouTube. They should also tell your viewers what your videos are about and encourage viewers to stop and watch.
  2. Include a well-optimized description – Think of your video description as your web page’s meta description. Optimize it for at least one keyword, maybe two. Make it long enough to get real traction and tell your viewers what your video is about.
  3. Optimize your video with tags – YouTube provides a place for your video tags. Include as many as are relevant to your video.
  4. Upload a video transcription – Many YouTube video marketers ignore the video transcription. YouTube will do this automatically, but it’s better if you can do it for yourself. Type out a word-for-word transcription and upload it to YouTube with your video.
  5. Manage your channel authority – Every channel has an authority. It’s either low or high. Produce high value videos that get shared, commented on, and starred and you will develop a channel authority. The more subscribers you have who interact with you on your YouTube page, the higher your channel authority will be.

YouTube video optimization is every bit as important as web page optimization. Don’t leave it out.