co Why E-mail Subject Lines Are Easy To Write |

Writing e-mail subject lines is a lot like writing headlines for newspapers and titles for web pages. The idea is to get your readers’ attention and lead them to read your e-mail. But how do you do that? Here are 4 tips to help you write a better subject line for your e-mail marketing campaigns.

  1. Make it a call to action – People won’t take action unless you tell them to. Give your reader a reason to open your e-mail and read it. If you promise a benefit and deliver on that promise, you’ll keep people reading.
  2. Don’t be misleading – If you make a promise, you’d better keep it. Don’t write an attention-getting headline that promises to offer an answer to a question if your e-mail doesn’t answer the question. Be honest in your writing or you’ll lose your audience.
  3. Promise a benefit – All of that said, you DO want to promise your readers a benefit. Tell them you will answer a question they have or give them the specific piece of knowledge they’ve been panting for. You don’t have to reach every reader with every e-mail, but you must reach specific types of readers with each e-mail.
  4. Tease them a little – If you tease your readers into reading and they like what they read, they will keep reading your e-mails. Be enticing.

Make your e-mail subject lines shine with these 4 tips. If your readers are intrigued by your subject lines, they’ll read your e-mails.