co Is Social Media Really Free? |

You’ve likely heard that a DIY social media campaign is free. It doesn’t cost you any money. But I beg to differ.

Sure, it’s free to sign up for a social media account. Whether you sign up at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or one of thousands of social media websites online, it doesn’t cost you anything – most of the time. However, it would be a mistake to say that social media marketing is free.

Someone has to do the work. If your administrative assistant is the person working your social media for your company, you pay her a salary. Of course, she also does other things for the company too, so all of her time isn’t spent on social media. But let’s say she spends 10% of her time managing your social media accounts. If her salary is $50,000 a year, then your cost for that social media is $5,000 a year. But is it making you any money?

It’s natural to look at an expense and want to see a return on investment (ROI). But it’s not so easy with social media.

Do you ask what your ROI is on sweeping the floors in your office? I’m sure it makes you money. Customers who walk in and see a dirty office that hasn’t been kept up will likely not stick around and be customers for very much longer. So sweeping your floors does have a payoff, but it’s an immeasurable payoff.

That doesn’t mean that social media is completely immeasurable. There are things you can measure, but ROI is sticky. If you DON’T do it, it could cost you.

Social media isn’t free, and since it isn’t free, why don’t you trust it to the experts? Your staff has better things to do.