co It's Official: Google+ Integrated Into SERPs |

If you’ve wondered when it would happen, here’s the good news: Google+ is now being integrated into search engine results. But what does that mean for you?

It means that, more and more, small business owners should think about using Google+ as a social media service. Not only does it help your reputation by posting often to Google’s social media service, but your posts and comments on that service now could be integrated into the SERPs.

Google+ content is being integrated under the guise of “actively discussed on Google+.” That’s not a bad thing.

No one knows what the criteria are for Google+ content being selected to appear in SERPs. Google is saying it’s a test. But you know what happens to tests. They either end up being canned and forgotten or they become a practice. I expect the Google+ integration into the search results to become a common practice. It might not end up in the way that it’s being tested right now, but I believe that Google+ content will end up being preferred content in the SERPs the same way that YouTube videos are.

In fact, since YouTube videos are so easily added to Google+, the popular video sharing site will likely be a beneficiary of Google’s goodness as well.