co It's Time To Clean Up Your Bad Links |

Every website has bad links. If you’ve been online for more than a couple of years and/or you’ve done a fair amount of link building, then you no doubt have some bad links. You might have to go and clean those up a bit. That will include getting rid of some of them or it could mean you just need to clean up your anchor text a bit.

Be forewarned: Link clean up is an activity that takes a lot of time, so make sure it will be a worthwhile endeavor for you before you begin.

For instance, if you have 1,000 links and you notice that 200 of them could use some clean up, that’s a 80/20 ratio in good links to bad. You might be just as well off, or better, to do some positive link building focusing on acquiring links that are good. Then you’ll dilute that ratio and improve your link portfolio.

On the other hand, if your link portfolio is just the reverse – 20/80 good links to bad – then it will definitely be in your favor to clean up those old links.

The first step is to identify the bad links, then you must go through and determine what makes them bad. Is it the anchor text, the page they are linking to, are they sitewide links? Ask the hard questions.

Link clean up is time intensive and could be costly. Many webmasters won’t spend any time helping you fix your links unless you pay them. You’ll have to decide if it is worth it to make that investment and whether or not each link is worth what the webmaster is asking for in payment. It’s not an easy task to accomplish, but link clean up could be an important task and one that you’ll have to spend some time on – if not now, then in the near future.