co How And Why Great Content Works |

Great content is everyone’s goal. That is, everyone who attempts to market their business, product, or service online. But why is great content so important? Can’t you do the same thing with mediocre content?

That seems like a silly question, but there is a lot of mediocre content on the Internet. And a lot of bad content. After all, not all content can be great.

Great content is that content that sets itself apart from the rest. It’s content that gets attention without effort. In other words, if you write a blog post and find out three days later that it has attracted thousands of unsolicited links, there’s your great content. But what made it great?

That’s the million dollar question. Greatness is in the eye of the beholder.

Great content is not necessarily well-written content. It can be content that connects on an emotional level with a lot of people. And then, because it’s great, it attracts a lot of links. Those links are not what makes the content great. They are the evidence of its greatness. But that’s not to say that all content with a lot of links is great content. Sometimes, bad content can get a lot of links because the content creator went out and built a lot of links to it thinking it was great. They just wanted to increase their search engine rankings.

Not everyone can create great content. And no one can create great content all the time. So when you sit down to plan your content, don’t think in terms of what will make it great. Instead, think about what questions your readers are asking, then answer those questions.