co How Eye Tracking Increases Conversions |

There is more to analytics than simply looking at how many website visitors you have and where they are coming from. One often overlooked analytics measurement is which part of your pages are the most popular among your website visitors. To get that information you need to employ eye tracking studies so you can see where your visitors are spending the most time.

It’s important to note that eye tracking does not track which pages are most popular. It tracks which areas on a page are most popular. Theoretically, that could be different on every page of your website.

If all of your pages have the same web design, it is likely that the most popular parts of your web pages will be the same, but it’s not a guarantee. That’s why you should conduct an eye tracking study for every page of your website. It’s particularly helpful for landing pages.

If you know, for instance, that your Buy Now button is the least viewed part of your web page, then you can move your Buy Now button to a more viewed area of your landing page. That won’t necessarily mean that more site visitors will click the button. Maybe your call to action isn’t strong enough. But if no one is seeing the Buy Now button, then they for sure won’t click it.

You can also determine the best places to put your opt-in boxes, your advertising, call out boxes, and other page elements on the basis of your eye tracking studies.

Eye tracking is one analytics tool that you should not overlook if you want to increase your website’s conversions.