co SEO: The Same Today And Always |

Search engine optimization has a bad reputation. Many people don’t trust it and it’s largely due to bad advice that SEOs often give. Some of those SEOs are shady characters who just don’t have any ethics. Others are people who giving advice based on blogs they’ve read and outdated information. Others are just people with their hearts in the right place but not experienced enough to give solid advice.

One piece of advice that is often passed around and shouldn’t be is to change your SEO tactics based on major Google updates like Panda and Penguin.

Actually, if you’re changing your SEO practices based on the algorithm updates, then you’re probably doing SEO wrong to start with. It’s an easy fix.

Good SEO always has and always will rely on one good, solid principle: Write great content for your human visitors. And the second commandment is like unto it: Think about the search engines, but don’t think about them first.

In other words, your on-page website content should be written with your human visitors in mind. That means don’t count keyword densities are overdo the optimization part. Website owners who saw their websites lose rankings because their websites were over-optimized did so because they were listening to bad SEO advice. SEO is the same today as it was five years ago. It will be the same five years from now.