co Two Recent Changes To Facebook Insights |

Facebook recently made a couple of relatively quiet announcements regarding its analytics product Insights and how Reach is measured on brand pages.

  1. The first change has to do with how Reach is measured. Facebook said that Reach going forward will be determined by a page visitor who scrolls down and actually loads a news item. In other words, it wasn’t measured this way before so it could mean that Reach for most pages will down as a result of this change.
  2. However, the other change may increase your Reach considerably. Facebook Insights will now also measure mobile views of your page. And that just makes you wonder why mobile views wasn’t measured before, but they weren’t. Suffice it to say that they weren’t. And your Insights analytics will likely reflect that going forward.

These are major announcements. You’d think they would have got a lot more attention. But they passed relatively quietly. So what do they mean?

First, they mean that Facebook needs to be more open about its analytics policy. A lot of marketers are relying on accurate information to make decisions regarding their Facebook marketing. They need to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.

The second thing it means is that your historical analytics data isn’t accurate. Don’t try to rely on it.

After that, I hope you’re getting a lot of positive engagement on your Facebook page.