co Learning Video Marketing From The Fortune 100 |

I never thought I’d say this, but the Fortune 100 are learning how to market themselves online – and they’re doing it in rather unexpected ways. Of course, we’re talking about companies that are accustomed to interrupting our regular programming to blast us with marketing messages on our televisions and radios. Now, they’re doing it on YouTube.

Except that they have 2 million subscribers each and those subscribers are engaged with the companies on a level like never before. What’s up with that?

79% of the Fortune 100 companies have YouTube channels, up from 50% two years ago. How are they doing it? By entertaining their subscribers. Here’s an example.

If that looks like a commercial you might see on TV, it’s because the Fortune 100 companies are using the same entertainment-focused approach for YouTube that they’ve learned to cultivate for the TV. And it’s working.

So what can small businesses learn from this approach? You can make videos just like this. Maybe not on the same scale, but you can do it. The key is to entertain your audience while you enlighten them on the benefits of your product or service. Be an entertainer, not a salesman.

With a little creativity, you can produce great videos for your YouTube channel, and you can do it on a modest budget.