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Are you afraid of that old pill called duplicate content? Should you be?

I want you to feel free to pursue a dynamic content marketing strategy, so I’m going to share something with you that few online marketers are willing to let you know about. Most of your competition want you to be afraid of duplicate content penalties. And that’s why they won’t tell you about syndication.

Duplicate content is when you have the same article published on multiple websites with no interlinking between them. It looks as if the publishers all want you to believe that they were the first to publish that article. This is bad.

The only penalty you get for duplicate content is that only one of those web pages will be indexed in the search engines. The rest just simply don’t exist. That’s not really a penalty, but there’s no benefit to you. That’s why article syndication is so important.

You can publish the same article on multiple websites if you do it through syndication. By this I mean you publish the article first on your own website, then you submit it for publication to other websites. Websites that publish your article will provide you with a bio and a link back to your original article. All of these articles will be indexed in the search engines, but your original article will most likely rank the highest. And what’s the benefit?

With article syndication you get back links to your website and new unique traffic. Everyone wins – you, the publisher, and your readers. And you don’t have to worry about duplicate content penalties.