co What Social Media Users Are The Happiest? |

If you think people are happy using Facebook, then you just aren’t in touch with reality. According to a recent survey, Facebook has more users than any other social network but those users don’t necessarily like Facebook.

Google+ users, on the other hand, score the highest on the Happy User Scale with a customer satisfaction score of 78 out of 100. Facebook scored a 61.

Other social media sites scored on customer satisfaction including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These social networks all scored 64, 63, and 69, respectively. YouTube scored a 73 and Wikipedia got a 78. Even Yahoo! and AOL outscored Facebook with scores of 78 and 74, respectively.

The survey places Facebook at the bottom of 20 companies on customer satisfaction, which is quite alarming. If Facebook users are so unhappy, why are they still using Facebook? Most users will tell you it’s because that’s where their family and friends are.

In other words, people are willing to endure Facebook’s Timeline for the privilege of keeping up with their friends.

The customer satisfaction survey doesn’t ask whether users are on Facebook, Google+ or other social media sites for personal or business use. That would be an interesting study. But what it does measure is still valuable. Are you happy with your social network?