co 21 Ways To Use Facebook |

Constant Contact has a post listing 21 ways non-profit agencies can use Facebook to spread word about their missions. It’s a great post and made me think that small businesses can do the same thing. I think all of these could just as well apply to small businesses. Here’s the list:

  1. Behind the scenes footage – Yeah, why not take photos and video of your employees working and post them on your page?
  2. Share your company’s history – You should do this anyway.
  3. Use your tabs – I’m amazed at the number of businesses that don’t make the best of Facebook’s tools.
  4. Use them some more – Make the best use of your tabs. For instance, promoting your company events.
  5. Take a survey.
  6. Share testimonials – Let your customers tell their stories.
  7. Show off what you’re doing – That’s what Facebook is for.
  8. Show off the results – Get customers’ approval, but let the world see how happy you’ve made them.
  9. Link to press coverage of your business.
  10. Highlight legislation that affects your business and industry.
  11. Request comments.
  12. Post pictures of your events – Of course!
  13. Invite people to your events – Invitations are some of the best promotional tools Facebook has to offer.
  14. Educate – It’s a natural part of the sales process. Educate potential customers before you close them.
  15. Share feedback – If a customer sends a private note of encouragement, ask if you can share it on Facebook.
  16. Share with your partners – Have partners or suppliers? Tag them in posts that apply to them.
  17. Share news of common interest – Even if it’s not about you.
  18. Sum up your business with your cover photo.
  19. Share awards you’ve won.
  20. Welcome new clients – Just a simple “thank you for your business” will suffice, but get permission first if clients expect confidentiality.
  21. Run a promotion or a contest.

The list is a great list for non-profits. It’s can also be used by small businesses. Make your Facebook marketing sparkle.