co Why Not Blog Marketing? |

I was taken aback after seeing how marketers and ad agencies differ in their use of specific online marketing tactics. It seems that neither marketers no ad agencies have increased their value on blog content since 2009. Yet, both marketers and ad agencies see more value in online advertising, mobile marketing, and video marketing.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against any of those marketing tactics. I think blogging can be more effective than online advertising at a much less expensive cost, but that’s just me.

The big question is, Why is it that after 3 years there was a 1% drop in interest among both marketers and ad agencies in blog content production?

Here’s a marketing tactic that provides real SEO benefits with every blog post, not to mention the value in branding and reputation management that you get with a blog. Plus, if your company has a blog, then you also have an asset that you can use to make social connections. In my mind, a blog is one of the most important marketing tools you can have. So don’t marketers and ad agencies see it that way?

Could it be because writing a blog has such a big commitment to consistent attention? Is it because writing a blog requires at least daily attention?

If this is the reason that marketers and ad agencies aren’t blogging more, then I have a suggestion. Why not hire a blog ghostwriter? It’s an expense, but it’s an expense that has a lot of potential to drive returns.