co Are Marketers Killing Social Media? |

As a marketer, and as a social media consultant, I get a little defensive whenever someone says anything negative about my profession. But Shel Israel recently had a thoughtful post on marketing and social media at Forbes. One thing he said in particular threw me for a loop.

Organizations are back to measuring social media programs in terms of ROI, which makes as little sense as determining the ROI of wearing clothing to a business meeting. There are just some things that have obvious value, but are very hard to measure in dollar value.

If you think about it, this makes sense. Who measures the ROI of their wardrobe?

Now I’m not against measuring ROI, but marketers should realize that there are weaknesses to any system or operational tool that promises to give you a dollar value to every social media interaction. It just isn’t possible. Some things have inherent value without a monetary unit attached to it.

That said, when you devise your next social media campaign, try to make it conversational. Don’t approach every tweet, Facebook message, or action in terms of what you can get out of it. Try connecting with your audience. I mean, really connecting.

If you can’t connect with your audience in social media and have a conversation with the people who buy your products, then you will likely start being ignored. And you can measure that.