co Can You Market Videos On Pinterest? |

The mark of a good social media website is how serious its owners are about improving it. If the ownership team is serious about creating a useful and rewarding user experience and trying to keep up with the rapid changes of the web, then you have a good social media website. There are a few good ones out there, Pinterest now being one of them.

Pinterest started out as a way for marketers to share images with their friends. Now you can share videos too.

In fact, video sharing on Pinterest is a powerful feature because you can mix your videos in with your regular images, unlike YouTube where people go specifically to watch videos.

Of course I’m not knocking YouTube. It’s a great site for sharing videos and you should use it. But Pinterest isn’t YouTube. People aren’t going to go there just to see what videos they can find, which is what makes it a great place for pinning and sharing videos. You can catch people off guard – in a good way.

But, if you share the same video on Pinterest that you share on YouTube, be sure to give it a new title and description. You don’t want the duplicate content to disappear from the search engine results. If you give your video a new title and a new description on Pinterest, then you have the potential to rank that video on the search engines on both websites. Increase your opportunities with effective Pinterest video SEO.