co The Brick And Mortar E-commerce Advantage |

If you run an off line retail shop and you’re wondering how you can compete with your online counterparts, well, don’t think you can’t. You might actually have an advantage.

Online-only stores have no way to take cash payments. If a customer prefers to pay cash, that’s too bad. The options are a credit card, wire transfer, or online pay service such as PayPal. There is no “pay cash and I’ll pick it up at the store” option.

The brick and mortar retailer, however, can market themselves online and take payments off line – even in cash – which gives you a stealthy advantage over your online counterparts. Don’t believe me? Then just ask Wal-Mart, which has been offering a “pick up and pay at the store” service for a short while now. The service is quite popular. And with some old fogies still distrustful of online payment systems, credit card fraud, identity theft, and other digital crimes, it’s a welcome service for many consumers.

This advantage doesn’t just extend to large retailers. Small businesses can also set up a cash option for pick up orders. This gives you a distinct local advantage and, by the way, why not list that as a benefit for doing business with you on your website? Encourage your customers to buy local – from you.