co Video Branding, YouTube Style |

Small business owners all over the world are about to get a big boost in helping them brand their businesses online. If television advertising has been off limits to you because of the high cost of production, maybe you can turn to online video marketing – or video branding if you prefer – instead.

It seems that YouTube is working on putting together a marketplace where video marketers and on screen video talent can hook up. Think of it as a celebrity endorsement agent for YouTube channels.

Let me break it down into the simplest terms I can think of:

  • A particular YouTube celebrity has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel
  • Her audience just happens to be the same audience you are trying to reach
  • You connect with this YouTube personality through YouTube’s talent marketplace
  • You pay the connection fee (a fraction of what it would cost to get a real life celebrity to endorse your product)
  • The YouTube celebrity makes a video endorsing your product or service
  • The video goes out on the YouTube celebrity’s video channel, your own video channel, and you embed it on your own website and promote it through social media with the celebrity’s help

Do you think that would be effective marketing? I do. Would it be effective online branding? You bet it would.

And what if that celebrity was so good at endorsing your product that you hired her to be featured in several YouTube videos, maybe even hundreds, over the course of a few years. You could have your very own Aflac duck voice or William Shatner-like voice of credibility promoting your brand online.

Coming soon to a YouTube channel near you.