co One Word Searches Are On The Rise ... Should You Care? |

Every year, Experian Hitwise tells us whether searchers are using more one word search queries or multiple word search queries. In years past, multiple word search queries were on the rise. This year, they’re going down.

Well, the report was for last month and represents year-over-year figures, but you get the point.

Meanwhile, single word search queries rose by 19%. But here’s my question: Should we care?

Considering that 9 of the top 10 search queries are single word search queries for web properties, does it matter what these trends say? Take a look at the single word search queries people are using:

  • facebook
  • youtube
  • facebook login
  • craigslist
  • yahoo
  • ebay
  • mapquest

Now, I would have thought that most of us would have typed “” into our browsers if we wanted to go to facebook. Evidently, that is not the case. So, since most people actually search for facebook using the search engines, wouldn’t you say these figures are really skewed? I mean, they’re not actually looking for information. They’re looking for a particular website.

In order to see whether single word or multiple word search queries are on the rise, one would have to take these property-specific search queries out of the equation, and Experian Hitwise doesn’t do that.

What I will say is that 5% fewer people are using Google and 5% more people are using Bing-powered search. Another 7% more are using So Bing is on the rise and Google lost some search share. Is the search engine game becoming more competitive?