co Two New Google Developments |

Google, as always, is branching out. They’ve recently made two new developments that have already gotten the blogosphere talking.

The first one may not seem much, but it could be over the long term. They’ve add an Events tab to the social network Google+. Again, that doesn’t sound like much, but this is a popular feature on Facebook and the fact that Google+ is adding the feature means that they are serious about competing in the social arena.

Keep saying that Google+ isn’t competing against Facebook. That’s right, keep saying it. But what will be the next Facebook feature they decide to add to Google+?

Google’s New Tablet

There were rumors earlier this week that Google would unveil a tablet. And they did just that.

The tablet is called Nexus 7.

The price is the same as the Kindle Fire and it pretty much has the same capabilities. But Google is sweetening the pot with a few extras if you purchase one.

Of course the big difference between Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 is the operating system. Google’s Nexus 7 is stacked with the most popular mobile operating system, Android. It also comes with the Google apps you are likely using often, such as YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, and Google+.

The Nexus 7 website doesn’t say what format e-books for the tablet are formatted for, but I suspect you’ll be able to read ePub and PDF just fine. That’s my guess.

So How Will Nexus 7 Help Small Business Owners?

You might be tempted to ask, “So what?” Actually, it’s a big so what. Google being the No. 1 search engine on the planet and committed to helping consumers find the best content in the formats they prefer, if you are a content producer in the video, music, e-book, or magazine formats, then this is a golden opportunity. I expect the Google Nexus 7 to be a major player in the e-book reader market within a couple of years and will probably even drive some of the smaller readers out of the market.