co Is Video Marketing Really Profitable? |

Marketing Pilgrim has an interesting take on video marketing. I like what Frank Reed says in this paragraph:

You must consider how your product is able to be ‘pitched’ via video. It’s that simple. Whether your business is large or small people want to know what you do in the quickest and easiest format for them. So what if you feel that video is too expensive? So is losing business to lesser competitors because you are counting the wrong things as important in your business. (emphasis his)

I think, more and more, small business owners are being faced with a choice. Either enter the video marketing arena and make an honest go of it or risk losing business to the competition. It’s an expensive choice either way you go.

Video marketing is not a necessity. I wouldn’t recommend it for every client, but videos are powerful marketing tools. You can do a lot more in a video than you can in straight content. It’s a powerful medium. But how you go about producing and promoting your videos also makes a big difference. It requires a commitment on your part to promoting your brand and developing a presence with your own video channel.

What are your thoughts on video marketing? Is it time for small businesses to seriously consider this medium?