co Is Guest Blogging A Panacea? |

Guest blogging is a great marketing method. I highly recommend it. You pick a few high profile, highly trafficked blogs in your niche and send them a query or a blog post and hope they publish it. If they do, you get a link back to your website and some additional reputation points. Good for you.

But guest blogging is not the only marketing method to pursue online. It’s one of many.

Some new marketers are now trying to pursue a marketing plan based entirely on guest blogging. That’s not a good idea. Sure, you can incorporate guest blogging into your total online marketing plan, but it’s not the plan. Don’t make your entire plan be about one marketing tactic. That’s not wise business.

What is wise business marketing is creating a plan that utilizes multiple channels for reaching new contacts. Don’t just focus on one strategy. Use guest blogging, SEO, social media, PPC, video marketing, and other marketing tactics as they fit within your budget of time and money. The more you diversify the more likely you are to meet with success. Stick to just one marketing tactic and you’ll likely fall and tumble. Don’t do that to yourself and your customers.