co Does Your Content Provoke Action? |

Online content must be more than a string of words thrown together with some keywords peppered in. If all you care about is ranking in the search engines, then you can go that route. But real content says something important. It says something relevant. It says something that your audience wants to hear.

But it should also elicit a reaction. You want your readers to do something. So how do you make that happen?

Here are three powerful ways to get your readers to take action on your content:

  • Appeal to their emotions – You don’t have to tell a sob story, but if it’s appropriate to your message and your audience, it wouldn’t hurt. What you do have to do is pull their emotional strings. Make them laugh. Make them feel compassion. Tell them a story and make it so compelling that they can’t stop reading.
  • Give them something to think about – Of course, you could just make them feel something and leave them hanging, but that wouldn’t exactly make them buy from you. You should also give them something to think about. Make them see an issue in a different light. Treat them with respect, but test the boundaries of their thinking.
  • Present a strong call to action – Finally, force them to make a decision. Give them a strong call to action and they will either click, buy, or leave. That’s exactly what you want.

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