co Tablet Usage Is Through The Roof |

According to one study, Americans are falling in love with a new gadget: their tablets.

Take a look at these 6 key takeaways from the study.

  1. Tablet usage is exploding.
  2. Tablets have become embedded in people’s lives.
  3. Content consumption continues to dominate tablet usage.
  4. Tablet users have an appetite for paid content.
  5. After seeing tablet ads, tablet users are driven to actions.
  6. Tablet content purchasers and cross-platform tablet users are more positive about tablet ads and are more likely to purchase products from their tablets.

I find this extremely exciting. Am I the only one?

Tablets have become embedded into people’s lives with a phonemenal 31% market penetration and tablet owners are purchasing content. Not only that, but they are responding to ads within that content.

The tablet could very well revolutionize publishing, perhaps even more so than the Internet already has. Imagine holding a copy of your favorite magazine in your hands – and scrolling rather than flipping pages.

With a tablet you can read magazines and newspapers, watch videos, listen to the radio, play games, or browse the web. It’s the ultimate multimedia gadget. And content producers would do well to take notice of the fact that people are adopting tablet usage in droves. Most of its usage is at home (67%) and mostly from families with large incomes, which means they have money to spend.

If you are a content producer of any kind today, the tablet has become an important medium for your business. And what are the most popular tablets? 31% of tablet owners use an iPad 2 and 28% use a Kindle Fire. The iOS platform has 52% of the market and Android 51% (the numbers don’t add up to 100% because some participants in the study use more than one type of tablet).

Content producers, this is your century.