co The Truth About Content |

There are still a lot of small businesses, search engine optimization companies, and Internet marketers who believe the best way to create content is to come up with a keyword and write stream of consciousness copy about it in hopes that your search engine rankings will get better. Maybe they will. But I don’t recommend this content strategy.

A better strategy is to create content that is useful to your audience. It doesn’t have to be keyword-driven, or even niche-driven. It just has to be useful.

For instance, let’s say you run an insurance company. Instead of producing boring, lame content about your insurance products and services and how useful they are (we all already understand the value of insurance), why not produce content that will be helpful to people who buy insurance (which is almost everyone)?

Here are some types of content that an insurance company could produce that would be helpful:

  • Highway driving safety tips
  • Ways to stay healthy year round
  • Why you should visit the doctor once a year
  • If you serve a particular community, why not create an online community guide for them?
  • Financial management tips
  • Histories of famous people or businesses in your area

The list could go on and on. Your individual posts, of course, can be optimized around the keywords associated with its content, but why hammer away at “insurance” keywords and bore your audience to death? Think of something creative that will help your audience. After all, everyone needs insurance so your audience is very broad. And by producing content that goes beyond keywords associated with insurance, you’ll pick up search engine traffic based on the content you do publish. It’s an uncanny way to market your product, but you’ll be surprised at how well it works.