co How Google+ Can Be An SEO Tool |

Google+ made history last year when it became the fastest growing social media website to date – in one month. But it has a special significance beyond being a mere social networking website. It’s also a product of Google, which means it has some SEO benefit.

Many Google+ users report that their Google profiles have risen to the top of the SERPs just by using Google+. That makes Google+ a very effective reputation management tool.

But there’s another way you can benefit from Google+ as a reputation management tool. Build your business a brand page and post to that page often just the same way you post to your Facebook page for your business. The brand page has the same potential to rise in the SERPs for your business brand as your Google profile has when you use Google+.

But can you take that to another level and use Google+ as an SEO tool? I don’t see why not.

Nevertheless, there is a danger. If you start spamming Google+ with over-the-top keyword usage you could get your Google+ profile suspended and that would be reputation damaging. So what you want to do is post to Google+ the same types of social networking messages that you would post to Facebook, slightly modified. If you can slip in a relevant keyword without ruining the message of your post, then make that slight and subtle adjustment. Instant SEO.

Just don’t overdo it.