co 5 SEO Tactics That Will Always Work |

If you’re looking for evergreen SEO tactics – those methods of optimizing your website that worked ten years ago, work now, and will continue to work long after most people have forgotten when they started, – then I have some good news for you. Here are 5 ways you can SEO your website that will always work.

  1. Page Title – Let’s face it, web pages will always need a page title. How you optimize your page title may change from time to time, but optimizing your page title will always be an essential SEO element. Pick a keyword, write a title using it, and make sure it elicits a response from the reader.
  2. Inbound link anchor text – I don’t see Google ever letting go of the philosophy that inbound links are votes. And anchor text is an important way for them to see what a web page is always about. But be careful, you can overdo it.
  3. Internal linking – Links within your website are just as important as links coming in from other places. And, yes, anchor text on those links are important too.
  4. On-page content – Your on-page content needs to be written toward a specific topic. Use keywords, but don’t stuff them. Just lightly pepper your content with the right keywords and a few closely related phrases. That should be good.
  5. Images – Websites will always need images. And those images will always need to be optimized. One very important way to optimize an image is with a caption. Most SEOs will tell you to use an alt tag. You can, but image captions are better.

Use these 5 SEO tactics and you’ll have a website that does well under any circumstances.