co How Many Social Media Accounts Does Your Business Need? |

You might think that one social media account for any business is enough, but I would beg to differ. I think many businesses – even small businesses – can benefit by allowing their employees to participate in social media as well.

Yes, your business only needs one social media account at each of the major social media services and the social media sites of which you are a member. But don’t discount the personal account of your employees. They also represent your company online.

Imagine having a social media account at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus in the name of your company. Then imagine your top three executives managing their personal accounts at each of those sites. That’s a total of 13 social media accounts that you can leverage on behalf of your company.

Granted, your top three executives likely won’t post messages about your business or sector every time. They’ll also share information about their families and communities too. And that’s what makes their social media efforts so special. They can put the personal touch on your company’s public face, which can go a long way to being trusted in the markplace.

If your employees express an interest in social media, don’t keep them from it. Encourage its use. Set guidelines, but encourage social media.