co Bing's New Webmaster Tools |

If you like Google’s Webmaster Tools, then you’ll likely find Bing’s new Webmaster Tools helpful. Some of these look like they’re mirrored or modeled after Google’s tools. And they probably are. But that doesn’t matter if they’re helpful.

Here’s a look at the new tools Bing is offering webmasters and that are now in beta:

  • Link Explorer. Looks helpful. You can find link information about any domain on the internet whether you own it or not. Great for competitive research.
  • SEO Reports. You’ll get a weekly report telling you how well or how poorly you are doing on 15 SEO best practices.
  • SEO Analyzer. You can enter the URL of any page on any of your verified domains and Bing will analyze that page to see how you are doing with SEO.
  • Fetch as Bingbot – See how your web pages look to the Bing searchbot.
  • Canonical Alerts – Receive automatic alerts to let you know if your rel=canonical tags are working properly.
  • URL Removal Tool – Don’t want a particular page listed in the Bing SERPs? Have it removed.
  • Keyword Research Tool – Research keywords using Bing’s keyword research tool and compare the data to Google’s

What do you think? Are any of these tools helpful to you as a webmaster? Will you use these Bing webmaster tools? Which ones do you think will be most helpful to you as a webmaster?