co 3 Recent Changes To Google |

Google is always making new changes to improve its way of operating, and I don’t just mean to its search product. However, two of the changes I’ll mention do affect search. Without further ado, I’ll jump right into the changes.

  • Webmaster Tools-Google Analytics integration – This one is hardly new. Google has been working on it for about a year now, but they’ve recently completed the changeover. Webmaster Tools is being faded out and moved into Google Analytics. This is more significant than it sounds. If you are one of the many webmasters who use Webmaster Tools but not Google Analytics, you’ll now have to sign up for a Google Analytics account or you won’t be able to manage your web properties through Webmaster Tools.
  • Google Local and Google+ integration – Google is consolidating. They want everyone using Google+. Google Local is the latest push to get as many people as possible to sign up for a Google+ account. It’s actually not a bad idea.
  • Stars removed from Google Local reviews – This is an interesting one because it means that your Google Local listing will likely receive fewer reviews, but that may not be a bad thing. You’ll just have to focus on improving your content and claiming authorship, which you should have been doing anyway.

I’m a little bit anxious to see what other changes Google will be making this year. It appears that they are serious about integrating all of their services. What do you think? Are these positive changes?