co Taking Advantage Of Peaks And Troughs In Website Traffic |

Bricks and mortar business owners will be well familiar with the peaks and troughs of customer traffic. Some days are busier than others; particular times are busier then others; and there are even different times of the year that are busier than others. Small business owners cope by either working harder during busy times, or hiring casual staff. Those quiet times are often a relief, time to restock shelves, handle the administrative side of business, and work on different marketing strategies. What about online businesses?

Peak and troughs in website traffic are not just seasonally related.  There are a variety of reasons why you experience peaks and troughs in website traffic. Search terms, your current search rankings; and even holidays or special events, can all affect your traffic. They tell me that visits to online retailers throughout the nation plummeted during the Super Bowl, other website owners report similar drops in traffic on holiday weekends. As a website owner you are probably familiar with a daily, weekly and monthly trend. Your analytics probably highlight the peak times for visitors. As a business owner, you can take advantage of those peaks and troughs.

Troughs are not always easy to build on. You could publish more content, improve your SEO strategies, and perhaps run a PPC campaign during those low periods. Chances are, your customers are just not ready for you at that time. Instead, those slow times could be ideal opportunities for site upgrades, backing up your website, or to work on other projects.

Conversely, peaks are when you should be active around your business. Simple features like live chat, Tweeting specials, or being involved in social media discussions can help to boost your business further. Ideally, you should publish fresh content shortly before daily traffic peaks – that way, when your readers visit your site, the latest content is fresh and waiting for them. You will also be onhand to respond to any comments left on your site. Peaks and troughs are natural in all forms of business – the online world is no different.