co Buying Your Way To The Top Of Search Rankings - Ethically |

Can you buy your way to the top of the search rankings? In the past you could. You could buy links, pay for directory listings, and even pay to have people promote you through social media. These tactics are frowned upon by search engines and most ethical business owners. That doesn’t mean you can’t ‘buy’ your way to the top, or at least, pay to significantly improve your search rankings. And It’s all ethical. Consider these pay options.

  • Coupons – yes, the humble old coupon. Issue coupons that are great deals, and people will talk about you through blogs and social media. You can gain a lot of inbound links if the deal is good enough, and social mentions are now considered good SEO fodder.
  • Freebies – we have seen a lot of large companies offer freebies through Facebook. The catch? You need to ‘like’ the business in order to access the freebie. Sometimes, rather than a freebie, a business will make a special offer, for example, a percentage off. The end result is still the same. People will talk about your offer, and once again, social mentions and a lot of ‘likes’ may well help to increase your search rankings.
  • Directories – there are still a few quality directories that Google respects. How much benefit you gain from a link from one of these directories is up to debate, however, every little bit helps.
  • Blog – having a blog will, over time, help to increase search rankings, if your blog receives a lot of visitors, a lot of quality comments, and a lot of inbound links. Is it ‘buying  your way to the top’? Ordinarily, if you did all the work yourself, perhaps not. However, hire a professional ghost writer to create your content, and perhaps even interact with readers who leave comments, and you could argue you were ‘buying’ any benefit gained.

In short, you may not ‘buy’ your way to the top of the search rankings, however, if you are prepared to spend money, or forgo income, then you can create conditions that lead to inbound links and social media attention. That will have an effect on your search rankings, and it’s all ethical and not likely to be frowned on by search engines any time soon.