co Promoting A Small Business Blog Through Social Media |

A small business blog has a number of benefits, however, it can also be a tax on valuable time resources. Having a blog is, too a certain extent, a waste of time if you don’t have the resources to actually promote it, to put the content in front of readers. Once you build a readership, you can spend less time promoting your blog’s content, however, in the early days, promotion is as equally important as publishing the content.

So how and where should you promote your blog? If time is an issue, then you need to carefully target your promotional efforts. Facebook and Twitter are too obvious areas. Twitter can be automated on many blog platforms through the addition of plugins or modules. You can also automate a pinging process that will send your content out to a range of blog services.

Promoting your content on Facebook only takes a minute or two as do many of the social bookmarking services. Some business owners find that social media sites such as Tumblr and LinkedIn are worth the effort. Pinterest is the latest to take on ‘fad’ status, if you have images or videos that can be used to promote your blog.

The real key is in your target audience. Where are they? Your best promotional efforts should be targeting your audience and where they hang out. Yes, it only takes a moment to post to Facebook, however, if your target audience isn’t on Facebook, then your efforts could be better spent elsewhere.  All to often I come across posts that list sites that users should be using to promote their blog’s content. Whilst well meaning, those lists are pointless if your time is limited. Pick the most appropriate social media websites, then promote across them – you’ll find your efforts rewarded in the long run, and you wont have wasted time on irrelevant blog promotions.