co Are Mobile Apps The Future Of Online Marketing? |

Search and social marketing are often discussed on these pages mainly because they are have been the best use of a small business owners time and money.  Both help businesses connect with potential customers and when successfully applied, help businesses grow and become stronger. Many businesses are now finding that mobile apps are filling a missing link between the online world and their bricks and mortar businesses.

There are tens of thousands of mobile apps available, the majority of them free. They can be used to watch weight, find bargains, and even keep a watch on the kids at home. For small businesses, the thought of creating an app for their business may sound daunting and expensive – neither is true. First, you don’t need to create an app yourself. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of skilled people who can create mobile apps. When it comes to cost, in many cases, a developer will use an existing app that is quickly and simply modified for your needs.

Why are apps popular? Mobile apps allow users to bring consistency to their use of online tools. The one app can be downloaded to a cell phone, a tablet pc, and often a notebook computer as well. With cloud computing growing, a user can store everything in one place, then access that data from a variety of equipment, all seamlessly and without having to learn new skills.

Apps are well suited to instant purchase type businesses. Food, alcohol, entertainment, accommodation and transport are typical businesses that have found apps to be essential for connecting their customers with the latest offers. That’s not to say that other businesses can’t gain a benefit from a mobile app. Think of how customers connect with your business, and there’s bound to be an app that can help make that connection even easier. Because apps are free, consumers lap them up, even if they rarely use them. Give them a good enough reason and they will regularly use your app, and your business will grow because of that use. Mobile apps could well be the future of online and offline marketing.