co Is Community Leadership Better Value Than SEO? |

Across the web, search engines deliver around 30% of all traffic. That’s means that 70% traffic is flowing around the web from social media, bookmarks, advertising, links  and because users directly type urls into browsers. With that in mind, should you be targeting that 70% rather than the 30%? If you talk to some SEO experts, search is the be-all and end-all of traffic – no where else matters. Some marketing experts now lean heavily towards social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and now Google+.

They can’t all be right, and yet, they are not completely wrong either. That 70% figure may sound attractive, however, it’s spread across a wide range of user options, whereas that 30% is from a single concentrated source – search.  Whilst I wouldn’t ignore SEO by any means, there is a lot to be said about attracting that 70% that comes from non-search activity.  So how do you attract that traffic.

One of the benefits of marketing online is that you can work directly within your niche. This means your marketing efforts are not being sprayed and the world in general – which is what the print and television marketing channels often suffered from. Online, you can put in an appearance where your niche market is.

In doing so, rather than broadcasting your content, you have the perfect opportunity to become a community leader within your niche.  Rather than promoting your products, you can promote yourself, your expertise, and your willingness to help others, even if it is simply by answering their questions, and helping to solve problems (niche related of course). You can promote yourself (and your business) where your customers hang out. That may well be Facebook or Twitter. Often, it is going to be more niche related areas such as forums and the blog community. You can access these channels, and if used wisely, can make you a community leader that everyone recognizes and trusts. That can be a powerful tool when it comes to attracting traffic and sales. As good as search? From all accounts, it is at least on a par with search. What I do know, if your reputation stinks, it doesn’t matter how many pages you have at number one in search, you wont receive a lot of traffic or sales.