co The Best Five Social Media Websites For Meaningful Comments |

When it comes to meaningful comments, and deep discussions, forget Facebook and Twitter. If anything, they can flood you with banal comments that take a lot of time yet deliver little in results. If you do go the Facebook and Twitter route, you need to maintain a lot of control over what you do and don’t become involved in. There are other sites where comments reach a more meaningful level, and often lead to much deeper conversations. The best sites for meaningful comments include:

  • LinkedIn – if you are looking for indepth conversations on particular topics then it’s hard to go past LinkedIn. Although a more B2B social media site, it can be a great resource for gathering new information, solving problems, and sharing solutions.
  • Google+ – whilst not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, that is a plus (excuse the pun) since you are not being flooded by off topic chatter. Like LinkedIn, you can find some very useful conversations taking place on Google+.
  • Instagram – Instagram (now in the Facebook stable) and the following two websites are the reverse of LinkedIn and Google+. People are not leaving a lot of comments, however, millions of viewers are sharing content on a daily basis. That makes sites like Instagram a perfect place to leave meaningful comments that could start conversations whilst drawing attention to your expertise on the subject matter.
  • Pinterest – like Instagram, Pinterest is really nothing more than an image sharing website done a little differently. Images are being shared and people are starting to comment, and the comments accumulate like a Facebook or blog set of comments. Another great place to leave meaningful and insightful comments.
  • Foursquare – this site is different again as it connects people on where they are and what they are doing right now. Few people think of leaving comments, so Foursquare becomes another well read and shared site that is empty as far as comments go.

Whilst those last three social media sites wont deliver meaningful conversations, they are devoid of large volumes of comments. It’s like being in a room full of people who are all looking and reading, but not adding much themselves. You have access to all those readers with little risk of your comments being buried under a flood of similar comments. They could be well worth adding to your social media marketing strategies if you’re not already involved.