co Four Traditional Marketing Tactics That Work Well Online |

Marketing has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Over those years the format and approach has changed, and to a certain extent, has become quite scientific. Marketing professionals will poor over statistics and demographics in an attempt to deliver the best marketing plan possible. The arrival of the Internet has opened a lot of new possibilities, however, some of those old marketing tactics still work, even on the Internet. Compare these non-Internet marketing tactics to what is now available on the Internet.

  • Paid Advertising – newspapers, billboards, television, radio. Paid advertising has been around for a long time. The online equivalent is pay-per-click advertising, banners, and video. However, there are some businesses that are finding that a combination of traditional offline marketing and online marketing still works. People do still read newspapers, they still look at billboards, and if your URL is easy to follow, they’ll look it up. Pay-per-click takes newspaper advertising one step further – you only pay if a person clicks through whereas in a newspaper, you pay one charge no matter how many views that ad gets.
  • Social Marketing – traditional bricks and mortar business had a tough time of it when it came to being good community citizens. If the community took a dislike to a business, then it was doomed. To prevent this, many business owners become involved in local social activities. Sponsoring sporting events, schools or charities made good sense – you were out there shaking hands and making friends with the world. Online, social media marketing has a similar approach. You still make friends, shake hands (like, follow), and socialize to gain a good reputation.
  • Newsletters – newsletters and print media in the form of catalogs or brochures/flyers were once very popular. What many businesses don’t realize is that they are still popular. E-mail marketing is still one of the most successful forms of marketing, and where paper based marketing material once considered junk mail, e-mail marketing is not so badly tarnished.
  • Coupons/special discounts – many families live for coupons, they even trade them (and come to blows over them). Coupons still work online, in fact, their delivery is easier, more targeted, and can be better controlled online. Special discounts can fly around social media outlets like Twitter in an instant delivering a lot of traffic (digital or foot) and plenty of sales.

Those four traditional marketing tactics have worked well in the offline world for a long time. The online world has simply taken them, fine tuned them a little, then profited from them. Ironically, the cost of online marketing is probably a fraction now of what traditional offline marketing used to be.