co What Would Happen If You Took SEO Out Of The Link Building Equation? |

A lot has been written lately about pandas and penguins being used to knock web sites out of search results if they don’t deserve their place. Whilst search does deliver a lot of traffic to website owners, it is not the only way that surfers find web sites. With that in mind, here’s a question for you – could you run a link building campaign that totally ignored an SEO effects?

Now I know the first question that many would ask is simply why? Why would you go to that effort and not take into account search engine issues? My response is simple, don’t question the question, answer it. What would happen if you ran a link building campaign that wasn’t looking to influence the search results.

If search isn’t your aim, then there can only be one other aim, you want to earn traffic from those links. Now we’re getting somewhere. How do you gain traffic from those links? You provide good quality content in the right places. Let’s do the numbers. Imagine writing a guest post that is going to be published on a web site that receives a thousand visitors each day.  If you can get 10% of those of visitors to click through, that’s potentially an increase of 100 visitors each day ,and if you can convert that to sales at the standard rate of 5%, that’s another five sales – from one guest posting.

This won’t happen across the board all of the time. However, it does drive home my point – search engine traffic is only one source of traffic. Replicate that link building approach 100 times and you’ll be getting a lot of extra traffic. You may not even need search results to survive in business. But here’s the real rub, if you took SEO out of link building, and built links to draw traffic instead of ‘link juice’, you’d probably be building the very links that search engines want to see. Think about it!