co Do You Have A Link Management Plan? |

There is a lot of noise on the web at present surrounding the removal of low quality directories from Google’s search results. When running a few tests myself, I found I could replicate some of the results mentioned, however, there were many directories that have reappeared in search results. There are times when a lot of noise is made about changes when perhaps it would have been more prudent to wait a couple of hours, or even days, to see if things had changed. All that aside, is does beg a couple of questions about your inbound links. Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Do you keep a list of inbound links that you have built?
  • Do you check the currency of those links?
  • Do you remove, or request removal of links if they sour?
  • Do you redirect links (301 permanent redirect) after deleting pages?

There is more to link management than building links. It can be frustrating building links only too see pages (or whole websites) removed. It’s even more frustrating to find that what you thought was a quality site has soured in the eyes of search engines. That’s when a link removal request could be in order.

If you are building links, then keep a record of those links. A simple spreadsheet is all that is required, then once every three or four months, go through that list to ensure they are delivering a benefit to your pages, and not dragging them down.