co This Is Social Media Marketing At Its Best |

If you are looking to see how a coordinated social media marketing campaigns looks, then there is probably none better than that put together by Ikea. The famous flat pack furniture specialists have created a campaign that combines the power of e-mail marketing, the use of a specialty micro-site, Pinterest and Facebook. It’s a mix that’s made in heaven for Ikea as it channels traffic through its latest creation.

Here’s how it works. Ikea has sent e-mails to its loyalty list announcing the brands latest products. The e-mail links to the micro-site which basically acts a teaser and encourages readers to view the full range of products on Pinterest. Readers are encouraged to “re-pin” products they like, and to share those products on Facebook.

This should prove to be effective in a number of areas. Pinterest itself will send visitors to Ikea’s main website, and Ikea will hope they decide to sign up for future newsletters and special offers. Facebook will also attract readers, and they too will be sent to Ikea’s main website, again, to view products and hopefully sign up for newsletters.

The end result is more brand awareness; awareness of Ikea’s latest products (inspired by the culture in India); and an enlarged e-mail list. Of course, the real prize will be in the number of sales that Ikea can make from readers who like these products and visit their stores.

What is interesting is that anyone can duplicate this marketing plan for a new product launch. The four channels (e-mail, micro-site, Pinterest and Facebook) can be used together very effectively and the flow of traffic can be quite large if your content is written in a manner that engages readers.  As a small business marketing plan, it’s simple, it’s clean, and it’s very doable.

BrandRepublic has more information on Ikea’s marketing strategy here if you’re interested.