co E-Mail Marketing - The Money's Still In The List |

After many years of Internet marketing hype, latest data suggests that e-mail marketing is still the top earner for many businesses. It’s not a surprising statistic really, especially when it comes to businesses that follow the e-mail marketing protocols of double opt-ins and easy opt-outs. Most e-mail recipients are viewing e-mails because they want too – they are already interested in the business and the products they sell.

What’s often hidden in these statistics is how a business comes by their e-mail marketing list. Search marketing and social media marketing both play a big role in helping businesses build their e-mail lists. Potential customers have to find your site somehow, they don’t just magically appear in an e-mail list. Just as importantly, your business reputation, prices, and your web site in general all help to convince visitors to then sign up for your e-mails.

Having a well planned coordinated marketing approach will pay dividends. Rating well in search results (both organic and paid), and having an effective social media marketing plan will help to deliver potential customers to your door. You then need to sell them on the idea of signing up for a regular newsletter. Your newsletter (or marketing material), then needs to be designed to engage readers and to bring them back to your website (or shopfront) to spend their money.

The mistake many businesses make is to target sales and nothing else. Often, visitors to your site are still in the ‘looking’ stage of a purchase. Rather than targeting a sale all of the time, consider changing some of your marketing activities to building an e-mail marketing list. That list will reward you many times over, and keep your customers coming back for more. If you can’t sell, don’t lose them, convert them to readers of your e-mail marketing material – more people spend from an e-mail than they do from either search or social.