co Social Media The Great Marketing Equalizer |

One of the biggest benefits to social media marketing is the low cost. At least, it’s one form of marketing that doesn’t need big dollars thrown at it. This really does level the playing field between big business and small business. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that small businesses sometimes have a clear advantage over larger businesses. How so?

The bigger the business, the more hands off an owner tends to be. Rather than engaging in social media marketing themselves, they are more likely to delegate this role to someone else – often the person responsible for computer maintenance or SEO. For smaller businesses, the owner can become personally involved in social media marketing – this becomes marketing from the soul rather than marketing from the monthly pay check.

Although it doesn’t take a lot of money to run a successful social media marketing campaign, big business has shown that you can buy support – that doesn’t always equate to brand loyalty – give me a decent freebie and I’ll sign up, it doesn’t mean I’ll ever buy your product – and there are tens of thousands who think the same.

If you can personally attract, engage and interact with both your existing and potential customers, you’ll find they’ll feel far more comfortable dealing with you. If you can help potential customers with their research and decision making processes, they’ll be ten times more likely to make an online purchase with you once they arrive on your website. In most cases, their decision has been made before they click the link to shop with you – that’s the power of social media marketing – and it’s not always the kind of relationship customers receive from big business!