co Using Social Media To Feed Your Blog |

Blogging can be hard work, especially when it comes to delivering good quality content on a regular basis. The key phrases there are “quality content” and “regular basis.” We’ll leave it up to you to decide on the timing of your content. Some small business blog writers find that two or three times a week is sufficient. There are others who publish two or three times a day.  If you aim for daily, you’ll at least have the search engine visiting your site daily, and we know that fresh is best if you have the quality.

The main issue then is quality content. Quality can be looked at in several different ways, chiefly in style (language, spelling, grammar and layout), topic, and voice. We’ll assume you have a reasonable education and that you use a spellchecker when writing. Voice is you – the way you approach a subject, the tone you take. For most small business owners, the final ingredient, topic, is often the real stumbling block (and you’re not alone there). How many times have you sat down and wondered what you should be writing about today. Some call this writers block, however, the reality is different. If you have covered your business inside out in previous posts, you may feel you have covered every base.

I can tell you now, you won’t have, however, that won’t stop your “writers block.” There is an answer, and you’ll find it through the various social media channels. Search those channels using some of your keywords. You’ll be surprised with the results. Look for questions, issues that are affecting people, or news. Use that as the inspiration to create new content. Where possible, be different, take a new angle to that already used, then your content will stand out from the crowd on a topic that is on people’s mind. Writers block solved.