co Twitter Chats - Good For Business Or A Wild Public Meeting? |

Twitter chats are a  strange phenomenon that are becoming increasingly popular. According to one news story, advertisers are even willing to pay to sponsor chats (perhaps that opportunity you could consider). So what exactly is a chat, and is it worth following up on? Twitter chats make use of the hash tag to connect like minded people in a chat session. There are some chats that are so popular they resemble a wild public meeting more than a chat session, with Tweets flying in faster than you can read them. Those particular chats have probably gone beyond what is useful for most businesses.

That doesn’t mean that Twitter chats are useless. If you can lead a chat yourself, and the number of participants are not out of control, then much can be gained through a chat session.  As a chat leader, you organize a time and time limit for a chat session. There are several free services that participants can use to follow a chat session. These include TweetChat and TwitterFall. By including the hashtag for that chat group, people can follow the tweets, adding their own comments along the way.

How can you use a chat session to aid your business? The easiest way to approach this issue is by considering what subject could be covered if you sat down in real life chat session with a group of people. If they were customers, it could be a q&a session, or a tips session where customers offer tips on how to get the most out of your product. Your role then is to follow along, adding advice where necessary and correcting any flaws.

You can join other chat sessions (including those organized by your competition) to learn more about the products you are selling, to learn online techniques such as marketing, or to just determine what issues people are talking about. By adding your own comments, you can improve you own image and help to develop your brand. Twitter chats can be useful additions to the social media marketing options for many small businesses.