co Keeping Tabs On Your Competitors Using Facebook |

The new Facebook fan page setup, while looking good, has also made it easier for businesses to keep a watch on their competitors.  When visiting a fan page, there is a box that has the number of “Likes” noted. If you click on that box, you will gain an insight into a raft of analytics related to that page. What can you learn? Do any of these numbers give you any competitive advantage?

  • The number of people who are talking about this particular fan page
  • The trends related to new Likes and the number of people talking about that fan page
  • Popular age groups, cities, and even the most popular week and the most visited week.

If you want to look around a little more, you can see what issues your competitors considers to be important. You can create sticky content, that is, a post that is pinned to the top. You can also ‘star’ important posts. These become prominent spanning columns on the fan page. Finally, you can check to see how they are using their custom tabs.

We don’t recommend copying what your competitors are doing. What works for them may not work at all for you. However, knowing how they do things, what they think is important, and what their fans like, can help you to streamline and make better use of your own content. Knowing where your competition is in the online marketplace is important if you want to succeed. Social media has made a lot of this knowledge easy to collect – you just need to review it and make some sense of it for your own business.